Khwaja Yunus Ali Laboratory School & College (English Version) decided to reduce the salary of all classes of students from October 2020 to December 2020 by one hundred taka per month.

Welcome to Khwaja Yunus Ali Laboratory School & College

Board approved National Curriculum-English Version.

  • Regular supervision over class progress by the Principal.
  • A blend of Modern education with Moral Excellence.
  • A group of dedicated and experienced teachers.
  • Well-equipped science and computer lab facilities.
  • School based education, No private tutor needed.
  • Individual attention and personalized care.
  • P.S.C, J.S.C & S.S.C public exam in English Version.
  • Glorious results in all public examinations.
  • Enriched library for both students & teachers.
  • Discussion with parents/guardians to evaluate the results after each examination.
  • Regular class tests, surprise tests, model tests/mock tests.
  • Special care of weak students & reward for bright students.
  • The latent talent of every student is discovered.

Principal Message

PhotosIt is fact that modern, proper and quality education is essential to the desired development and prosperity of a nation.  And to ensure this kind of education there is need of good and quality educational institutions. But this kind of educational institutions is in small quantity in our country, especially, rural area. In this context, Khwaja Yunus Ali Foundation has established Khwaja Yunus Ali Laboratory School & College(English Version) on the campus of   Khwaja  Yunus Ali Medical College & Hospital at Enayetpur of Sirajgonj district. I feel that there were a hidden talent and dream of the founder to establish an English Version School & College in the rural area. There is no doubt, this institution has been established on the basis of the new idea and proper specific planning with the view to meet the present need,  where we stand now, and future demand like the importance of English language.
I think the importance of the English language is undeniable in meeting the challenges of the modern and ever-changing world of the contemporary world. The English language is globally recognized as the medium of instructions, studies, and researchers in sciences, communication for business, commerce and trade. Besides Bengali, the knowledge of the English language is really indispensable for learning about the other nations of the world, their histories of advancements and progress, and their ups and downs. We shall just be deprived of perceiving the socio-cultural, scientific and technological successes of the international world if we neglect the English language, and consequently, we shall also fail to uphold our national identity and national achievements before the world. No international communication will be possible for us if we do not acquire enough competence in the English language.
It is, however, true that Bengali – our mother tongue – is also not less important since it is an integral part of our existence. We, therefore, aim to nurture our soft-hearted children in a bilingual environment so that their intellectual and moral formation can be accomplished in a smooth fashion and proper orientation can be ensured for making them competent enough for the contemporary age of all-around globalization.
It is my belief that this noble mission and vision to keep in mind our honorable founder Late Dr. M.M. Amjad Hossain had been established “Khwaja Yunus Ali Laboratory School & College”. At this moment I feel proud of his talent and express my keen gratitude to him for his dream. His dream and unfinished work we have to finish and that we should sincere commitment to build up children through the right track. I think we the teachers who are experienced and meritorious, skilled staffs and concern person could stand like in a family, it will possible. Thanks, Allah.

Ahsanullah Habib